Webhelp Enterprise doesn't shun your funny t-shirt, they'll laugh about it with you.

Miia , Project Specialist

Fun fact: Webhelp Enterprise doesn't shun your funny t-shirt, they'll laugh about it with you.


Be proud of what you do, enjoy the mix of nationalities and languages, and find an element of fun in every task you get (or take!). I started with entering sales orders, and after a year I was trained further in customer service. Recently I was chosen as a Project specialist, which means that I support the team with questions and focus on improving the processes.

During my working day I keep an eye on our queues and make sure that the distribution of workload is as optimal as this can be. Next to that I handle e-mails from my colleagues, customers and the client. In the mean time I also answer any questions my team members may have. Basically, I do whatever needs to be done. This makes my job diverse, challenging and not a day is the same.

To become a good colleague at Webhelp Enterprise, it is important to be yourself. Be honest about your challenges, so Webhelp Enterprise can support and train you. Be proud of your strengths, so that they can be used to improve your whole team. You never know everything. The trick is to admit this and to be willing to learn to improve.

What I like most about my job are my colleagues and the global spirit. A Brazilian colleague is having an issue with an Italian customer, ordering products from a German website and having them shipped from America to China? Not a problem!