For me personally, it is all about figuring out what the customer needs.

Steve , Brand Ambassador

Fun to know: Almost all the English intro recordings here at Webhelp Enterprise (that customers dial) are recorded by me! I also used to be guild leader of an online community of over 200 gamers to an online MMORPG game.


I am part of a dedicated, professional front desk team. For me personally, it is all about figuring out what the customer needs. Sometimes, a caller does not know who they need to talk to but can explain why they are calling. My job is to figure out where I can get them transferred to.

To be successful at Webhelp Enterprise as a Brand Ambassador, firstly, you need to be comfortable to talk on the phone and being able to talk to people is a must. To be able to troubleshoot problems is also very important if your project skill requires it.

A good advice for new colleagues is to make sure you feel comfortable talking on the phone a lot (some people cannot deal with that), as well as being comfortable working on a computer all day. Being a people person is a real help here!

I really enjoy the multi-culturalism here. There are so many different people from so many different countries. We handle more than 20 different language services!

I really like talking to my co-workers.  So many different lifestyles from so many different countries. Also, I enjoy the after-work events we have like the BBQ and the Christmas Parties.