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The hereby Terms and Conditions apply to the website available at the address www.webhelp.com or any other URL address, area or subarea which might be used to host the website later on (hereafter the “Website”), as well as to any research made on the aforesaid Website, and/or any use by the visitor who logs on (hereafter the “User”). Any consultation, use or transmission of the Website shall imply User acceptance without reservation of Terms and Conditions hereafter defined.

1.    Intellectual property rights

The Website is the sole property and is exploited by Webhelp SAS (hereafter “Webhelp”), who is the owner of intellectual property on the Website altogether with the components and contents, as well as with the database producer rights and is data processing controller. The presentation and all the elements (texts, visuals, photographs, videos, database, etc.), trademarks, logos and area names, which appear on the Website included, are Webhelp property, and where appropriate the property of its partners, and are protected by intellectual property governing laws. The User is granted access to the Website and the pages in accordance with the proposed navigation. All the rights which are not expressly conceded by Webhelp are deemed to be reserved.

No element incorporated in the Website http://webhelp.fr shall be either partly or fully copied, reproduced, extracted from, modified, reedited, charged, denatured, transferred, displayed or distributed, on any support, without Webhelp prior written consent and shall be in compliance with the intellectual property rights and of any other right mentioned.

The performance of the Website is entitled for a private and personal non-commercial use, as well as to get information about Webhelp’s products and services. Any unauthorised reproduction of any element of the Website, as well as any unauthorised extraction of data from the Website or from Website database is forbidden and may lead to judicial legal proceedings for counterfeit, unfair competition and damage to image among others.

Where the use of Website elements is authorised through these Terms and Conditions and provided that the source ( www.Webhelp.com ) and parenthood of such element is systematically mentioned, such a use should not end up to a denaturation, deterioration, modification, alteration in any manner as the case may be. Where applicable the following mention has to be visible on any authorised copy of any Website component:  “Copyright 2008 – Webhelp all rights reserved” followed by a lien redirecting to http://www.webhelp.com

2.    Hypertext links

Webhelp has no control over third-party website. The existence of hypertext link between the Website and a third-party website does not result in Webhelp giving any kind of guaranties or exercising any kind of responsibility over the content or usage which may be performed on this website. Webhelp shall in any case be separately or jointly held liable with the third-party website publisher whose hypertext links redirect to the Website or to which Website directs to through a hypertext link. More specifically Webhelp shall not be held liable of a third-party website content reachable from a Website page or third-party websites which redirect to a page of the Website through a hypertext link.

3.    Nominal information and other information

The Website is not meant to receive from Users confidential information. Hence, any information, whatever its form is – document, data, graphic, question, suggestion, concept, remark, or other -, which shall be given on the Website shall in any case be considered confidential.

For any additional information and with respect to the explanation of personal data protection and to the cookies used by the Website and to Users rights, the User must refer to the section « Privacy Policy » relating to the Personal Data Protection Policy on the Website.

4.    Liability

Webhelp makes efforts to ensure that the information and content published on the Website is accurate, legal and current. However, Webhelp does not assume any express or tacit guarantee concerning the contents of the Website. The information that is communicated on all sections of the Website, as well as events, decisions or events, direct or indirect, regarding the implementation of the responsibility of Webhelp for any reason whatsoever. In particular, in no case the information available on the site is worth consulting or specific recommendation for the User.

The User is solely responsible for any damages, whether direct or indirect, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable, of any nature whatsoever, from the fact that they are caused, grounded or originated by the use of the Website by its users, care or by any person authorised by the User to use this Site. By use, we mean any use of the Site whatsoever, fraudulent or not fraudulent.

Webhelp warns the dependents of parental authority on the diversity and nature of content available on the network. Parents are therefore encouraged to watch their children log on.

5.    Website availability

Even though Webhelp has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of the information, services, software or products contained on the Site, it cannot be held liable for errors, omissions, viruses or results that could be obtained by misuse of these. Webhelp is actually held only by a simple obligation of means.

The User declares and guarantees that they know the characteristics and the constraints of the Internet and in particular that the transmission of data and information on the Internet only enjoys a relative technical reliability, these circulating on heterogeneous networks with different technical characteristics and capabilities that disrupt access or make it impossible at certain times.

Webhelp strives to keep the Website accessible 24/7, but is under no obligation to do so and therefore provides no guarantee of availability or permanent accessibility or performance. Webhelp and / or its suppliers may / may also interrupt their access, notably for reasons of maintenance and upgrading of the Site or its hosting infrastructure, or any other legitimate reason for Webhelp. Webhelp is in any case responsible for these interruptions and the consequences that may result for the User or any third party. It is also recalled that Webhelp may terminate or modify the characteristics of the Website at any time and without notice.

6.    Contents

The User is asked to publish only professional contents on the Website with his/her hierarchy’s agreement, on condition that (i) any publication on the Website equals authorization for Webhelp to reproduce and represent such a content and (ii) the User remains the only responsible for the content.

In any event, the User is the only responsible of the contents he/she would be able to publish on the Website. Therefore, Webhelp rejects any liability regarding words and remarks that could be published on our Website. In particular, the User restrains from holding any unlawful, insulting, defamatory, xenophobic, discriminatory or obscene words as well as harming Privacy, Intellectual Property and rights relating to the personality. Webhelp reserves the right to remove any unlawful words without any notice or damages, without prejudice to any lawsuit against the author of such words. The User guarantees and hold Webhelp non liable for any complaint, lawsuit or condemnation linked to Data and content published by the User on the Website

In any case Webhelp shall be held liable for any loss, deterioration or corruption of User’s Data linked to his/her contribution to the Website. Any information or advice from Webhelp shall not be seen as a guarantee and shall not have any contractual value.

If you have any question or complaint linked to the Website content, you can contact Webhelp at the following email address: contact@fr.webhelp.com

7.    Security

Webhelp makes its best efforts to ensure the Website’s security in accordance with the proper rules. However, the User is aware of the risks inherent to the use of electronic communications and especially the risks linked to the Data delivery on the Internet. In a more general way, it is the User’s duty to implement all the usual protections linked to browsing. Therefore, Webhelp will not guarantee anything in that case.

In any case, the User restrains from any reverse engineering or de-compiling attempt of any part of the website, from any fraudulent intrusion or attempt to fraudulent intrusion within the service system hosting the Website as well as in the software enabling its working; from any breach of trust, theft, erasure, misappropriation or non-authorised modification of the Website’s technical Data, subject to prosecution.

Besides, the User commits to publish contents that are neither malicious nor likely to harm the Website or its hosting infrastructure. Webhelp and/or its processor reserve the faculty to erase without prior notice or damage any content published by a User and harming or likely to harm the good working of the Website, without prejudice to potential lawsuits.

8.    Governing legislation

Any difficulty, claim or litigation generated by or in relation with the present terms and conditions shall be settled according to French laws. French jurisdictions are fully and solely competent to hear of any legal dispute rising out of these terms and conditions.

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